My crafty daughter and mum

My sister (visit her very inspiring blog here) sent my daughter some wool for xmas.
Not wool yarn, but wool for felting and an instruction pamphlet on how to use it.
My mum is visiting at the moment and they spent some time yesterday trying it out.

They made a beautiful bracelet for me and a funky one for Mira.
Isn’t it amazing what a clever 8-year old and a nana can come up with!


I made biscottis in the weekend. They are chocolate & cinnamon
and orange & almond flavoured and they are so yummy!
Easy to make, it just takes a little while since you have to bake them twice.
So well worth it!

I found the recipe in the latest issue of World Sweet World.
You can find the recipe here.


Pink, purple and blue

These 4 beanies now live in different houses here in Devonport.
I have heard back from the lady who ordered them for Xmas and the
kids really liked them. Phew!