4 out of 8

I have finished the 4 pairs of cuffs for the custom order.
Knowing that they will go to some teenage girls in England
gives me a real buzz!

Better get started on the rest of the order – 4 beanies.

Xmas market

I had a table at the Devonport Craft Market Xmas Spectacular
on the 15 November. Here are some images from my table.

Kid’s beanies made of hand dyed cotton.
(The amazing shawl on the chair in the background
was made by my sister. I got it for my birthday. It’s lovely, isn’t it?)

Knitted merino cuffs, some with beads, some without.
And some knitted flowers on hair ties and brooches.

Kid’s necklaces – beads on a linen string, some with fairies or angels.

Beaded Xmas ornaments and wine charms.
My gorgeous daughter made me a sign for the Xmas ornaments.

I had a very good day at the market.
Met a lot of crafty friends and sold bits and pieces.

I came home from the market, tired but happy.
Made myself a cuppa and put my feet up.

Later that evening I received an email from a lady here in Devonport
with a custom order! She ordered 4 pairs of cuffs and 4 beanies! Yay!


Port Waikato

We went to Port Waikato for the weekend.
It was so nice to get away and just relax.

“What are we gonna do with the ol’ toilet?”
“Dunno... eh, let’s use it as a letterbox...”

I just love the colour!


Hundreds and thousands

I have made some new merino cuffs for the market tomorrow.
The black ones look like they have hundreds and thousands
sprinkled on them, don’t they? The photo doesn’t show that well,
but they are green/blue metallic seed beads, same on the green cuffs.


Pooh and Eeyore

Side effect of the swine flu
(Pooh and Eeyore decided to have Piglet put down)

Tapestry (16.000 stitches!) with knitted frame.
My own lovely hand dyed cotton yarn. 50x40cm

Knitted art

Say it out loud three, four, five times and listen to the words.
Isle of view. Isle of view. I...

Bead knitting, black cotton yarn with more than 1600 silver beads knitted
in to it. Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with metallic seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 45x25cm.

Knitting with my own lovely hand dyed cotton yarn.
Fluffy yarn around the heart and seed beads on the inside.
Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 15x30cm.

A showcase of my crafts

Bead knitted cuffs made of fine NZ merino wool.
Seed beads knitted into the cuffs. 3 different styles.

Kid’s beanies knitted from my own hand dyed cotton.
Colourful and soft to wear.

Brooches and hair ties made of my hand dyed cotton.

Necklaces made of glass and metal beads
gathered from all over the world.

Necklaces made of pearls, gemstones and glass beads
tied onto a linen string.

Earrings made of pearls and/or glass beads.

Girl’s necklaces,
glass beads tied onto a linen string with a fairy or angel.

Girl’s necklaces,
glass beads tied onto a linen string.

Beaded wine charms.

Beaded Xmas decorations.