Colours, colours and more colours

Last weekend we dyed even more yarn. Sometime you get really surprised
when you start mixing colours and/or putting in already dyed yarn.
Luckily we have no bad surprises just amazing, beautiful colours.

The purple to the left is a hot pink hank that went into the bright blue (middle).
It’s got lots of different pink and purple shades.

The short green one was an old kinda dirty yellow with some orange,
that I decided to redye. It also went into the blue bath and at first it looked like
a really ugly boring brown... But we left it in the bath a bit longer and after
washing and drying it came out a stunning olive with some brown shades in it!

The dark purple to the left are is a blue that went into a red bath
and then we poured in some more blue dye! The light one is just
a lighter shade from when the bath had cooled down.

I have some much beautiful yarn now that I will make into
kid’s beanies and other things. I will hopefully be back at the
Devonport Craft Market in a couple of months.

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